Plan Your Visit

Once you’ve arrived at the orchard, make your way towards the central tents or greeting stand, where one of our friendly staff will meet you and explain which fruits are being picked and where. They will then direct you to the tractor ride pick-up/drop-off location, which will bring you directly to the fields. Directions can be provided for those who prefer to walk.

Holmber Orchards Sign

In the fields, you will receive bags or buckets to hold your fruit. Staff is available in the picking area to assist you with questions about what areas are ripe, how to identify ripe fruits and maybe just chat about their favorite recipes. We also provide drinking water in the fields on those hot summer days, and our staff will show you where it is located. Remember that you are charged based on the weight of your fruit, so please remember to put everything you pick into your containers and plan ahead for how much fruit you need. Children do very well with units: for example, you might instruct them to pick 6 apples or 4 peaches. It’s easy, even for us adults, to get carried away and be surprised at the register!

Boy picking apple Holmberg Orchards

Once finished, wait at the pick-up/drop-off location for the returning tractor. These circle continuously, so the wait is generally less than 5 minutes. The tractor driver will bring you back to the central tents where you can check out with our cashiers. We welcome you to lounge around one of our picnic tables and snack or relax if time allows. Many families also take advantage of this time around our great photo opportunities: our Johnny Appleseed cutout or little ones perched on a hay bale in the pumpkin field.


We certainly hope you enjoy your stay at Holmberg Orchards and visit us again soon!

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