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Non-Pectin Raspberry Jam

What You Need

2 pints fresh raspberries

1 cup sugar

pinch of salt


1) Place berries in a 4 quart kettle and mash thoroughly.

2) Cook on low heat, stirring, until juices flow freely.

3) Raise the heat to high and boil until juice is reduced to half. (Juice will boil up and froth in pan.)

4) Lower heat and stir in sugar.

5) Once dissolved, raise heat to medium and allow to boil once again. Continue to boil until you can dip a metal spoon into the hot mix, remove some jam, pour it back and notice a “sheeting” or jelly-like coating that sticks to the spoon. This is how you know your jam is ready.

6) Pour into jars and seal with hot paraffin wax or simply keep refrigerated.

If your jam is runny, you didn’t get good sheeting. You should have cooked it longer. If you jam is too thick and sort of sugary or grainy, you cooked it too long. It often takes several practice batches to get it “just right!”

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