Our Wines

Pinot Blanc

Crisp and dry with tart acidity mid palette. Strongly citrus with floral notes. This is our first estate-grown grape wine. Pairs well with grilled veggies and seafood– especially a lobster roll on a hot summer day. – 12%AB

Thamesview White

The acidity of estate grown Pinot Blanc is balanced with a soft residual sugar, resulting in a lovely stand-alone table wine. Also pairs well with creamy cheeses and French herbs (sage, tarragon). – 11.25% ABV

Bubbly Blanc

A sweeter champagne-style wine that tastes refreshing — rather than syrupy– because the bubbles cleanse your palate with every sip. Strong notes of strawberries and grapefruit. Pairs wells with a light dessert course involving strawberries, white chocolate or marzipan. – 11.5% ABV

Apple Cranberry

Apple wine married with fresh Massachuesetts cranberries. Lingering tart finish. Perfect with turkey dinner, but also stands alone well as a sipping wine.

Harmony Peach

A refreshing Riesling style wine created from hand-pitted peaches and aged in stainless. Delicate, light, and slightly sweet. Great with spicier foods.

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Raspberry Rose 

Our house white wine blended with fresh raspberries grown here on the farm. Subtle sweetness creates a delicate blush wine that you will crave time and again.

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Deep blueberry flavor pairs nicely with pork loin, duck or cinnamon laced desserts.

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Wine bottles

Fruit First

Our passion for horticulture is reflected in every bottle. Five generations of Holmbergs have farmed this land and honed the art of producing the finest quality fruits that the Thames River Valley has to offer. Our 150 acre farm currently produces over 35 varieties of apples, 2 varietals of grapes (Pinot Blanc and Gewurztraminer) along with peaches, pears, berries and other small fruits.