Visit Us

Our outdoor wine barn opens in late summer or early fall.

Please visit farm market where our cider and wines are available for sale year round.

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Flight of Four: $15

Glass of Wine: $8

Can of Cider: $5

Wine Slushie: $8

Don’t forget to bring some home with you, too!

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Bar with wine

Relax with Us

The Wine & Cider Barn is open August- October. Don’t let the renovated exterior fool you–this building is one of the oldest on the property! The building construction and bar top are both old American Chestnut, a wood native to this area but now unavailable, as it was stripped from the landscape many years ago from over-harvest. Built in the 1850’s as a tool shed, this lovely antique building also housed our cider press from the 1950’s through the mid 1990’s.

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Step into our Farmer’s Boots

Expect an authentic farm visit, including the sights and sounds of working tractors and farmers as we toil in the fields around you. We believe that growing the finest fruit results in the finest wines and ciders, so we work seven days a week to provide top-notch quality at every turn. You’ll be delighted with our results.

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